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The bigger the better! 

Season runs Sept 20 - Nov 1

Black Raspberries
$3.50/pint - U-Pick
$6/pint - Picked

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Black Raspberries ripe for the picking. Visit us to pick your own or grab a few pints that are already picked. Season goes from June 18 - July 10

Troy Mills Farm


$4.00/lb - Picked

What goes in a pie to accompany strawberries better than rhubarb? Maybe more strawberries... but fresh picked rhubarb is on hand when available. Call to order or ask about availability. 

Troy Mills Farm Cookbook



Our team has worked hard to find, create, and document the best (in our opinion) recipes in the world containing strawberries. Anything from dessert, to bread, to drinks, we have it in here. 


$4.00/lb - Picked

Freshly picked asparagus is not only good to eat, but also good for you! Sold by the pound and pre-picked, our asparagus season runs May 15 - June 15. Call now to order, or ask a TMF team member while you are here!

$3.50/qt - U-Pick
$6/qt - Picked
$4.50/qt - Seconds

Stop by to enjoy the outdoors and pick your own berries. If you are looking for already picked berries, these are first come first serve; to ensure we have availability please order ahead. Season normally runs June 6 - June 30

Strawberry Topper

$1.00 ea.


Ever wonder to yourself, "pulling these strawberry tops off is hard work"? Well no more, with our ergonomically correct strawberry toppers. Take one home today for only $1.